Want to find something of interest to help SURJncsd make a difference in racial and social justice but within your time limitations? Please check out our action groups below.  When you find something of interest and need more information, contact the Team Lead of any group by emailing [email protected], to find out more about the group and how you can help.


Team Leads - Tom P & Rick B

​This group includes:

  • Developing education opportunities for membership and the community
  • Teaching classes in the community and other agencies as well as facilitating in-house training, dialogues and discussions
  • Building and maintaining relationships with ally organizations
  • Outreach to membership
  • Outreach to the community relating to our educational events and amplification for their events.
  • Monitoring and posting on social media accounts
  • Creating original designs, writing, copy-writing and editing for signage, flyers, newsletters, social media graphics, PowerPoint presentations, meme’s


Team Lead - Robin S & Tom P

This group includes:

  • Monitoring and advocacy regarding local policy and oversight groups including the County Citizens Law Enforcement Review Board, County Human Relations Commission, and County Behavioral Health Advisory Board
  • Coordination with other advocacy groups including the Racial Justice Coalition, the North County Equity & Justice Coalition, Encinitas 4 Equality Public Safety Group, and Community Oversight of Law Enforcement


Team Lead - Robin S & Tom P

This group includes:

  • Collaboration and advocacy with the County Behavioral Health Advisory Board and County Commission for People with Disabilities
  • Advocacy to improve law enforcement practices regarding contacts with people with behavioral health and other disabilities
  • Advocacy to improve jail treatment of people with behavioral health and other disabilities
  • Educating our members about people with behavioral health and other disabilities, and the intersectionality of racial justice, behavioral health, disabilities, and the criminal justice system


Team Lead - Donna G & Kathy M

This group includes:

  • Monitoring School Board Districts in North County relating to racial/social justice and book banning
  • Supporting teachers, counselors, PTAs
  • Education of parents relating to equity in school districts
  • Education of teachers, PTAs and other organization
  • Providing resources relating DEI and Ethnic Studies work


Team Lead - Kathy R & Kathy M.

This group includes:

  • Coordinating, alongside allies, policy and legislation efforts
  • Confering on local & state legislation
  • Researching, attending city council meetings
  • Writing letters and emails, phone banking, etc.​​